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November 13, 2009

Red Pen Disease

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(Originally posted in January 2009 on Blogspot)

Well, since I’m a writer, I guess I’d better get on this blogging bandwagon, huh?  Up until the beginning of 2009, I didn’t really even know what a blog was!  (Am I giving away my age here?)

Yep, I’m a writer…and an editor.  I have that weird disease that means I can’t read anything without putting a red pen to it.  Typographical or grammatical errors literally jump off the page of a book, an ad in a newspaper, a billboard in town…and hit me in the face.  Drives me crazy.  Drives my husband crazy that I do this, in fact.  But there you have it.  You’d think my meticulousness with the written word would translate into me being one of those people who have a very neat house and a very organized closet, right?  Well, unfortunately those two things appear to be very separate.  In fact, I’m what’s known as a “piler”.  I have “piles” everywhere: of papers, books, photos, you name it.  I’m resigned to my fate, however, and will be content with cleaning up the written word.

It always amazes that, even on extremely professional websites or publications, how many errors you’ll actually find.  Or simply poorly written copy.  Maybe people don’t know there are poor, struggling freelancers like us out there to cater to their every whim and make their written materials look fantastic??

I actually became a freelancer out of necessity, after I was laid off from my job as Managing Editor of a monthly lifestyle publication here in Phoenix, a job I loved.  But such is today’s world, with layoffs happening everywhere…and, although I had no inkling that it would affect my life, it did.

But, since I’m generally one of those “cup half full” people, I’m trying to make lemonade out of lemons, getting bits of freelance work here and there and helping my husband with his new business (Sandler Training–a fantastic sales and management training program that is 180 degrees from traditional training) by writing his web copy, press releases and so forth.

And when I don’t have freelance work, expect more blogs–at last I’ve found a way to release the words within me, whether anyone reads them or not!!!


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