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December 17, 2009

All Hail The Cell Phone!

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All right, I know there are many of us out there who curse the invention of the cell phone.  But I, for one, applaud it.

This all became clear to me recently, when I was traveling out of state for Thanksgiving and realized, upon getting to the airport, that I didn’t have my cell phone with me.  Horrors! After hyperventilating for several minutes, I realized that (a) most of the important people in my life were actually with me, (b) I could still check my voice mail from another phone, and (c) I could use my son’s cell phone in a pinch.

So I managed to limp through that long weekend without my precious new Verizon Versa touch-screen phone (sniff!), knowing that when I arrived home, there it would be, sitting on the table where I had left it in the rush to get out of the house to the airport.

But NO! It wasn’t THERE!  I frantically began to search everywhere, had everyone calling it, emptied pockets, searched purses…all to no avail.  I was really beginning to panic.  But then I had the tiniest idea that maybe the phone had fallen out of my handbag in the back of the cab on the way to the airport.  So I called the cab company.  It was a Saturday, and the Lost & Found department wasn’t operating, but I filed a report and was told to call back Monday.  I did, first thing.  The woman from the cab company said that, no, they didn’t have any cell phones like that there.  Dismayed and disheartened, I was about to give up, when suddenly the woman said, “Wait a minute! Let’s trace what cab you took and see what depot it came out of.  The phone might have been turned in at another depot.”  Turns out my cab came from a depot in another part of the Valley, so I called there.  The woman at Lost & Found asked me to describe my phone, and imagine my delight when she said, “I have it right here in my hand!”

As you can imagine, I jumped in my car and raced over there as fast as I possibly could, feeling the most intense relief at holding my phone in my hand once again.

It was then that I started to question why I was so attached to this thing.

Our cells phones are not just devices for making and receiving calls any more, let’s face it.  Without consulting my phone calendar, I would never be able to keep things straight or remember appointments.  Remember the days of the good ol’ Filofax binders? I use my phone like that!  Naturally, I have some music on there, a few games (great for doctor’s office waiting rooms), Internet access, poignant texts that I want to save, cherished photos, and even important notes to myself about writing ideas, a great wine I liked at a restaurant, medications the kids and I take (again, great for doctor’s visits), and more.

To lose it was akin to losing my computer, really.  Well, nearly.  At any rate, I was profoundly glad there was an honest cab driver out there who had dutifully turned it in, and was even more profoundly glad to have it back in my hot little hand.

To those of you who say, “Cell phones? Who needs ’em?”…I heartily say, “I DO!!!!”


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