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November 22, 2009


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(Originally posted on February 19, 2009 on BlogSpot)

At the risk of dating myself, I’m going to admit that I learned to type on a typewriter.  It was 8th grade, I believe, and we actually had an entire class in this skill (shorthand, too, as I recall…how un-PC for females today!).  Typing turned out to be one of the best skills I ever mastered, particularly considering my present profession as a writer and editor.  But I was amazed the other day, watching my 16-year-old daughter’s fingers flying across the keyboard of her PC.  Not one typing class has she ever taken.  This skill has been self-taught, from years of growing up with computer technology.  She never knew the agonies of jammed paper, replacing ribbons, stuck keys, white-out, or–God forbid–having to painstakingly patch up a “stencil”.  Anyone remember THOSE??  This generation gap was brought all-too-painfully to my attention quite a few years back, when that same daughter was admiring a silver charm bracelet of mine, heavily laden with charms that each meant something very specific to my life, my travels and my hobbies.  She paused when examining it, stopping at one that had moving parts, and looked puzzled.  “Mom?” she said, “What is THIS?”  I looked.  It was a miniature typewriter, complete with moving carriage, to commemorate my foray into journalism and the fact that I was editor of my high school newspaper.  How in the world could it be that my very own daughter had NO KNOWLEDGE of what a typewriter was?  Somehow, I like to cling onto the perhaps mistaken idea that those of us who grew up with those “archaic” machines appreciate even more the wonders of today’s technology and the ease at which words can now be sent across continents at the push of a button.


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